Chest Wall Tumors & Reconstructive Surgery

Addressing Concerns About Your Health & Appearance

Chest wall reconstructive surgery is a procedure that is used to treat complications that occur after open heart procedures, cancer removal, and trauma or injury. Aside from the obvious aesthetic concerns that result from damage to the chest's appearance after one of these operations or instances, certain defects may also restrict and disrupt normal breathing patterns and cause serious complications.

The goal of our Los Angeles cardiovascular surgical team at the office of Azmi Atiya MD is to fully address both the aesthetic and health concerns of damage to the chest wall by using our expertise in reconstructive surgery to help patients return to their former standard of health and life.

Some of the reasons for performing chest wall reconstruction surgery include:

  • Trauma to the wall of the chest
  • Tumor radiation injury
  • Congenital defects of the chest wall, such as pectus excavatum and pectus carinatum

Reconstructive Options from Our Los Angeles Surgeons

Whether the issues with your chest wall revolve around physical aesthetic abnormalities or serious concerns for your health, there are a variety of treatment options that can be used to address these problems. From muscle flaps and free flaps to grafts and prosthetic materials, numerous methods can be used to reconstruct the chest wall and return you to a healthier, worry-free lifestyle.

Our surgical team can sit down with you during your initial consultation, listen to your specific concerns and needs, and provide an extensive assessment of the location, cause, and extent of the defects or health problems that are located in your chest wall.

Call our Northridge office at (818) 561-7426 to speak with a representative about the concerns you have with your chest wall, or email our experienced surgical team to make an appointment to learn more about reconstructive procedures.


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