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Minimally Invasive Improvements to Surgical Procedures

New advances in surgical techniques have allowed surgeons to treat patients with fewer complications in a wide range of thoracic surgeries. Our award-winning cardiovascular surgeons have the skill and knowledge to use these procedures for the benefit of our patients, using minimally invasive methods to extract or biopsy potentially harmful conditions of the chest, heart, and lungs.

What Is Mediastinal Surgery?

When abnormal growths are detected in area of the chest behind the sternum, or breastbone, mediastinal surgery is necessary to remove or biopsy them. Whether these growths are benign or malignant, their development can lead to serious complications, especially if they reach the heart or lungs. Thymectomies, or the removal of the thymus gland, are sometimes necessary to prevent further growth or worsening disease.

This can help prevent further damage and has been proven to have long-lasting results in those suffering from certain conditions, such as:

  • Myasthenia gravis (MG) – an autoimmune deficiency in the thymus that affects the muscles.
  • Thymoma – a rare tumor from the thymus. It is usually benign and most often a complication from MG.
  • Neuroma – a rare and often asymptomatic tumor of the nerves.

These conditions can develop at birth and can lead to death or disability if left untreated. To lessen your chances of severe consequences, seek tests or a chest x-ray if you have symptoms such as shortness of breath, persistent coughing, or chest pain.

How Can a Minimally Invasive Procedure Help Me?

Our Los Angeles cardiovascular surgeons work hard to keep up with the latest technologies that help make surgery as painless as possible. These less-invasive procedures minimize recovery time and can reduce the risks of infections, bleeding, and other serious complications.

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