Endovascular Aortic Stenting

Aortic Aneurysms & the Benefits of EAS

Endovascular aortic stenting (EAS) is a surgical procedure that is used to repair aortic aneurysms. If left untreated, aneurysms can result in a burst aorta, which will require emergency medical treatment and is a potentially fatal complication. Our skilled Los Angeles cardiovascular surgeon at the office of Azmi Atiya MD has the experience to surgically treat this serious condition.

Because of the severity aneurysms, it is very important to seek medical testing and attention. The EAS procedure is designed to prevent the aneurysm from bursting, and is done inside of the aorta using a thin tube called a delivery catheter.

Some of the benefits of endovascular aortic stenting include:

  • Minimal invasion compared to open surgery, as it requires only a few small incisions
  • Short operation time, typically only taking two to four hours to complete
  • Shorter recovery times in comparison to open surgery
  • The ability to return to normal daily activities in four to six weeks

Providing Effective & Quality Surgical Care

Depending on the shape of the aneurysm, its proximity to other vital organs, its size, your symptoms, and a variety of other factors, EAS may be an effective treatment option for you. There is a risk for a few complications during the procedure including rupture of the aneurysm or aorta, blood leakage, blood flow blockage, infection, and other surgical risks.

At the office of Azmi Atiya MD, our surgeons can sit down with you during your initial consultation to help understand your specific situation and determine if this procedure is the most effective choice for dealing with your aneurysm. Our priority is to ensure that you are well-informed before making a decision. We provide the highest quality of care before, during, and after the operation.

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